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The Third Degree

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4k transferred to full HD video │ 10ʼ30"│ sound │ color │ 2015

The Third Degree is a single scene film exploring a close-ups of skin scars resulting from third degree burns filmed through an installation of broken mirrors reflecting the crew and the whole background process while filming the scars, thus integrating the subject of the camera with the process of filming itself. The Third Degree was made as a response to questions that emerged due the particularly violent way the previous film TK was filmed.

The term "Third Degree" has an ambiguous meaning in the English language: it is a way to classify a burn of a very strong degree, but it can also signify a process of extorting a confession under violence. Set in motion by such violent interpretations and perspectives, film tries to critically, yet poetically, cut through the collective haze that blurs relations between means of production, control and the subject itself, giving rise to alternative methods of understanding as a reflection determined at the same time by social, political and aesthetic parameters.

By exposing and integrating the context of the film set, The Third Degree reveals what is hidden from sight, the component parts of the film making process that interact among themselves to determine the nature and criterion of belonging to a system in relation to its environment. For if the context informs, it also transforms by making semantic shifts and by showing internal structures of artmaking in order to create a new kind of rhetoric—a mechanism that reinforces our position as both witnesses and actors of today's complex world.

The Third Degree is produced by Kreativni Sindikat, supported by HAVC- Croatian Audio Visual Centre and Ministry of Culture of the Republic Croatia